• ICON is Fabricating Customized Equipment Large & Small

    February 5 2015

    ICON has been building custom machinery for over 20 years.  The unit above was made for an international building products manufacturer to form precast cement pipe.  This 35,000 lb. machine is capable of forming precast pipe sections up to 25’ long and 60” in diameter. It operates on a rail system and will produce a finished pipe section every 15 minutes.  One of our larger projects, conceptual design to delivery was accomplished in just under 6 months.
  • ICON Awarded for Achievement in Manufacturing by Pennsylvania Legislature

    November 10 2014

    ICON was honored to be recognized by the Pennsylvania Legislature for its investment in manufacturing in Northeast Pennsylvania as part of this year’s National Manufacturing Day celebration.

    The annual event occurs each October and is a coordinated occasion during which U.S. manufacturers open their doors to demonstrate the potential of modern manufacturing and foster interest in manufacturing careers. ICON is proud to participate and promote the importance of American Manufacturing.

    ICON received awards from the Pennsylvania State Senate, House of Representatives, numerous Northeast Pennsylvania counties and the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

  • ICON Celebrates 365 Days with Zero Recordable Safety Incidents!

    October 1 2014

    ICON is proud to announce surpassing the 1-Year mark with zero recordable safety incidents!  This impressive milestone is a first for our company and a result of embedding safety into every aspect of corporate culture from headquarters to the field.  At ICON, safety is a team objective and we are grateful for the hard work and effort from all of our our employees, customers and suppliers.  The care we all display for one another is what ensures everyone gets home without harm each and every day.

    If zero recordable injuries in 365 days can be achieved, we know it is possible for another 365 days, and another, and another!

  • ICON’s Rigging Team Rises to 120′ Challenge!

    August 10 2014

    ICON's rigging team rises to a 120' challenge with the installation of this coal conveyor.  The 26,000 lb conveyor measured just over 100' long.  A beautiful view and fair weather aided in the difficult lift.

  • ICON Employee Teresa Anderson Honored with FCMA Crane Award

    May 1 2014

    Each year members of the First Coast Manufacturers Association are invited to participate in a special event known as the Crane Awards. The Crane awards honor those employees that stand out within an organization. Examples of areas of recognition range from superior work ethic, quality, cost savings, product development and safety. Teresa Anderson, ICON Human Resources Generalist, was honored this year with an award. Teresa played an integral part in revamping ICON’s employee handbook and benefits administration. Her excellent communications skills, positive outlook and pleasing personality enhance her natural leadership qualities. She is always looking to improve and expand the employee benefit programs, while maintaining balance between the company and employees. Her ongoing contributions continue to elevate the organization’s HR functions on a daily basis. Teresa’s work ethic and dedication to the company and employees of ICON is reflected in what she does every day.  
  • ICON Invests in SafeStart Training

    April 15 2014

    ICON completed SafeStart® training for 25% of its workforce in Q1 of 2014.  SafeStart is an internationally recognized safety awareness and personal safety skills development program proven to reduce injuries both on-the-job and off-the-job.  SafeStart focuses on the human factors involved in the majority of incidents and injuries, and encourages personal responsibility for safety. Much of its success can be attributed to its relevance to all workplaces and even lives outside of work. This provides motivation and increases participation, resulting in a positive shift in safety culture.  The program is intended to enhance ICON’s traditional safety management platform by paving the way for new personal safety based skills that can be used in all areas of life.

    ICON’s safety training commitment is matched by few others in the industry and includes all employees, from the CEO to the front line workers.  Opportunities to prove it in the field are always welcome!

  • Icon Congratulates Key Employee Alejandro Nash and Family for United States Citizenship!

    April 4 2014

    ICON is proud to congratulate Alejandro Nash and his family for successfully obtaining US citizenship in March 2014.  ICON and founder Ron Avery sponsored Alejandro for an H-1B Employer Sponsored Work Permit in 2001.   Alejandro has been an invaluable member of the ICON team for over 12 years and now serves as ICON’s procurement department manager.  A native of Caracas Venezuela, Alejandro attended Siena Heights University in the US before joining the Colgate Palmolive Company in Valencia, Venezuela.  Alejandro moved to St. Augustine, FL with ICON in 2001 where he has steadily pursued U.S. citizenship.  Alejandro’s wife of 22 years, Ana, will be graduating from the University of Daytona next year with a degree in Health Management.  Daughters, Andreina and Alejandra, are seniors at the University of Florida and will both graduate next year with double majors. Andreina in Marketing & Telecommunications and Alejandra in Marketing & Event Management.

  • ICON Congratulates Stephanie Jallen, Two-Time Sochi Bronze Medalist

    March 28 2014

    ICON is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of employee Hank Gashi’s niece Stephanie Jallen in the 2014 Olympic Games! Stephanie is a two time 2014 Sochi Paralympics bronze medalist after taking third place in both the Women’s Super G and Super Combined skiing events. She was the second-youngest member of the national team. Stephanie’s hometown welcomed her back by declaring March 22 “Stephanie Jallen Day” and hosting a parade and pep rally in her honor.

  • ICON Completes Specialty Construction Project for New Florida Distillery

    March 1 2014

    ICON was excited to participate in construction of the new St. Augustine Distillery, which opened its doors on February 28th. This project was in development for several years and is already being praised by the community for its positive impact on the local economy. We encourage you to go see our work in action! The distillery is open daily for tours of the beautifully refurbished facility which includes a small museum that tells a variety of stories, from the history of the building (an ice plant dating back to 1917) to a history of spirits, both distilling and selling, in Florida. Jacksonville, it turns out, was a hotbed of the mail-order liquor business early in the last century. Visitors can also see where grains are cooked in a 750-gallon tank and transferred to fermenters where they bubble away for three to six days, until the two big copper distillers pull out the purpose of all this: the alcohol! Like the winery boom, followed by the brewery boom, small craft distilleries like the St. Augustine Distillery are seeing their own explosion. There were 68 craft distilleries in the United States a decade ago, according to the American Distilling Institute. Now there are close to 10 times that many.

  • ICON Participates in Mehoopany Cogen Project Utilizing Marcellus Natural Gas Beneath Facility

    January 10 2014

    ICON was pleased to participate in the construction of a state of the art cogeneration plant at Procter & Gamble’s facility in Wyoming County, PA. After the completion of this two-year project in 2013, the Mehoopany facility is now energy self-sufficient, running 100% on natural gas from the Marcellus Shale. This is Procter & Gamble’s first energy self-sustaining facility out of the 150 plants they have world-wide.  The core principal behind the cogeneration plant, referred to as Cogen2,  is the sitting of gas-fired power generation as close as possible to fuel supply and electricity demand, with the goal of improving overall market efficiencies. In addition to a 64 mega-watt state of the art gas turbine and electric generator, Cogen2 also has a heat recovery boiler that captures steam for paper drying and plant heat. ICON fabricated and installed 200 tons of structural support steel and 500 feet of ductwork to transport the recovered 400 degree hot air to the paper machines.