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Founded 40 years ago as a modest family business in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. has matured into a leading player in the industrial construction arena. With a history rooted in unwavering dedication, our reputation now stretches nationally, proudly serving a myriad of manufacturing and industrial clients across the U.S. and overseas.

Advanced Fabrication and Comprehensive Construction Services

Our construction arm is bolstered by a state-of-the-art fabrication facility situated in Pennsylvania. Here, we harness our engineering prowess, machine craft, and cutting-edge equipment to bring designs to life, crafting custom fabrications, weldments, structural steel, and electrical panels. Our diverse construction services span from routine facility upkeep to intricate capital projects, covering production line setups, relocations, certified welding, and an array of electrical endeavors.

Self-reliance and Unwavering Commitment to Safety

An inherent strength lies in our open shop approach. Our dynamic team of project managers, engineers, and tradecraft professionals have the expertise to deliver turnkey construction services. This independence from third-party involvement not only streamlines operations but also positions us at a vantage point, giving us an edge over many competitors.

At the core of our operations, the motto ‘SAFETY FIRST!’ resonates deeply. Quality and client satisfaction are paramount, but we firmly believe that for our workforce to thrive, these benchmarks must be met with utmost safety.

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