Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. is a comprehensive industrial construction entity, possessing advanced machine shop fabrication abilities. We provide extensive support to manufacturers and heavy industry stakeholders across the United States, delivering exceptional value characterized by unyielding safety standards, unparalleled quality, and cost-effective solutions.

Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. employs many specialized tradesmen including millwrights, carpenters, riggers, iron workers, welders, pipefitters, and electricians. In addition to technical training and certification, our workforce receives safety training with a strong emphasis on heavy industrial settings. We combine our talented pool of craftsmen with seasoned project managers and field supervision to form teams capable of handling customer projects both large and small.

Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. is routinely called upon to deliver resources 24/7 for planned and unplanned facility maintenance, repairs, and capital construction projects. Our resource centers include complete inventories of stock materials, specialized tools, personnel lifts, forklifts, rigging equipment, heavy duty trucking, threaders, benders, and all forms of cutting and welding equipment. With over 40 years of industrial construction experience, we take pride in our ability to tackle demanding projects that many firms are simply unable to perform.

  • Certified Welding
  • Rigging
  • Piping
  • Foundation & Civil Construction
  • Equipment Installation, Repairs, and Relocation
  • Plant & Equipment Relocations
  • Planned & Emergency Outages/Shutdowns
  • Electrical

CERTIFIED WELDING: All of Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc.’s welders are certified in accordance with ASME Section IX, API 1104, and AWS D1.1 standards for pipe welding and structural welding.  Qualified and approved welding procedures are followed for all welding processes and applications.  Our certified pipe welders are highly skilled utilizing the SMAW and GTAW processes on carbon steel and stainless steel.  They are qualified to work in the natural gas industry using downhill SMAW process on API X42 through X70 pipe, plant process piping and power piping using uphill SMAW and GTAW processes on A53 and A106B carbon steel, type 304L and 316L stainless steel, as well as welding of dissimilar metals.  Our certified structural welders are highly skilled utilizing the SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and GMAW processes on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for the fabrication and erection of buildings, platforms, catwalks, and mezzanines.  ICONs in house AWS CWI works to ensure compliance with welding codes, standards, and customer specification to ensure the highest quality.

RIGGING:  Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. employs specialized riggers to complete projects entailing steel erection, machinery moving, structural modifications, heavy lift rigging and component assembly. This is a highly specialized core competency of the company backed by over thirty years of experience.

PIPEFITTING: We offer pipe installation of all types from carbon steel, stainless, copper, and PVC,  threaded, butt welded, socket welded, grooved end, and ProPress piping.

FOUNDATIONS & CIVIL WORK: Our team can provide machine and building foundations, excavation, site work, floors, sidewalks and any type of concrete structure or block work.

EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION, REPAIRS, AND RELOCATION: Our team of millwrights, riggers, electricians, riggers, and project managers will work together to install your machinery safely and on time. We provide professional industrial mechanics to service large capital projects and routine outages. ICON specializes in planned shutdowns. We offer project management, start up support and 24-hour emergency service.

PLANT & EQUIPMENT RELOCATION: Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc. has become a leader in the equipment relocation industry. Our logistics group provides consulting services and stands ready to assist clients with feasibility studies, detailed logistical plans and project cost estimates. Whether relocating a single piece of equipment, an entire production line or consolidating an operation, our highly skilled industrial mechanics get the job done. Purchased used equipment and need it moved to your facility? Redesigning a manufacturing process and need production lines rearranged? ICON can help! Across the plant or across the world, our personnel mobilize quickly.

ELECTRICAL: Industrial Construction Services and Design, Inc.’s professional electricians offer services such as panel building, instrumentation and controls including PLC and DCS installation, large or small conduit and cable trays, single and three phase power systems, medium voltage distribution, as well as routine electrical equipment service and maintenance.

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